Deepwell City.

Touhoku is the Northeast region of the PMK , it is mostly a barren land, known for it's long and icy winters. Deepwell city is Touhoku's largest metropolis, and the countries most northean settlement. The region is also famouse for it's stone forest, a large mountain that collapsed on it's own leaving a forest-like structure made out of stone, and the Rust Caves, a series of underground tunnels used in ancient times of war.

Deepwell CityEdit

Deepwell City might be one, if not the coldest, place in PMK , due to the fact that it has been carved out from Deepwell Mountain, it is placed on a high altitude, in a sort of never ending winter. This city is home to the Ice Gym , placed on the mouth of a giant waterfall, whose river is said to run all the way down to the Dragonhead Palace in Newfound City.

Icy PathEdit

The Icy Path is the most common trail taken by adventurers in order to get to Deepwell City. It is a dangerous, trecherous walk through a valley of Glaciars, in between Mt. Deepwell and Mt. Icewall.

Stone ForestEdit


Stone Forest

The Stone Forest used to be a large mountain hollowed out by caverns, which after time began collapsing on themselves, creating sinkholes in the mountain. Now, all that's left is a forest-like scenary made out of the stone.

Rust CavesEdit

The Rust Caves are a series of cavernous tunnels that ran along Touhoku. They where used in ancient times as a hiding place and storage for weapons, named for it's reddish inside colour, which some say the comes from the blood stains of ancient wars.

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