A Map of the Pokemon Middle Kingdom

The Pokemon Middle Kingdom (PMK) is an ancient country in the Pokemon World , far away from the Pokemon Nation (PN) and Ranger Union (RU).

The PMK is divided in eight smaller regions, one of which is unoficially divided in two, due to the countries mountainous geography. The capital of this country is Newfound City, a large metropolis home to the Elite Four and the PMK's Pokemon Champion .

Geography and EvironmentEdit

The PMK is a very lush and diverse country, with varying landscapes along its vast width. In the East, all through it's shores there are extensive alluvial plains. In the South deep jungles and mountainous regions, including the Pokemon World's largest mountain, Mt. Sacred. To the North there are barren and cold lands, including the Deepsand Desert, and to the West, the lush Nine Villages Valley and the deep gorge surrounded by the dry lands of the Seihoku Basin.



PMK divided in it's different regions.

Touhoku (Northeast PMK)

Kita (Northern PMK)

Seihoku (Northwest PMK)

Naka (Central PMK)

Higashi (Eastern PMK)

Tounan (Southeast PMK)

Seinan (Southwest PMK)


The PMK is a meritocratic monarchy, meaning that appointments and responsibilities are objectively assigned to individuals based upon their "merits", namely skills, intelligence, credentials, and education, determined through evaluations or examinations, having the highest ranking person become the ruler of the PMK, with few to no legal restrains. The King remains on their possition until either resignation, or being unable to rule due to mental or health problems. After a King has been destituted, the next in the meritocratic line is elected.

The King is advised by the Royal Council in different areas. Council members are chosen through different meritocratic methods, depending on the skills and knowledge needed to carry out each job. Administrative decisions are usually taken care of by the Council, them having to vote on every decision. For a specific legislation to come in effect, there needs to be a total of 8 votes in favor. Each councilor has one vote, and the expert in the area of the legislation being passed, has two votes. If a legislation has an equal number of votes in favor and votes against, it's the King's job to make a decision.

The idea of having this system is to keep power away from one person, and have it divided into different areas in order to avoid unlawful use of it.

The Council is conformed by:

The Councilor of Economy

The Councilor of Education

The Councilor of Health

The Councilor of Culture

The Councilor of Peace

The Councilor of Agriculture

The Councilor of Technoogy

The Councilor of Energy

The Councilor of Environment

Each Region of the PMK has it's own local administration that has to abide to the PMK's council law. This local administration vary on every region, but they mostly consist of a meritocratically elected official and a handful of advisers.


The PMK's economy is mostly driven by it's food export .

Science and TechnologyEdit