Ball Name Description
Poké Ball
Great Ball
Ultra Ball
Master Ball
Safari Ball
Level Ball
Lure Ball
Moon Ball
Friend Ball
Love Ball
Heavy Ball
Fast Ball
Sport Ball
Premier Ball
Repeat Ball
Timer Ball
Nest Ball
Net Ball
Dive Ball
Luxury Ball
Heal Ball
Quick Ball
Dusk Ball
Cherish Ball
Park Ball
Dream Bal
Designer Ball A normal Poké Ball with a different design!
Black with electric blue, top of the ball grey like storm clouds Stun Ball Increased capture rate when target is paralyzed. (more than the usual increase)
Status Ball Capture rate increases further when the target is afflicted with a status ailment, both volatile and non-volatile
Breeder Ball It changes colors and patterns depending on which Pokemon you catch.
Unown Ball 28 different, Unown inspired design. It never fails to catch an Unown that matches the Unown Ball
Growth Ball Pokémon in this ball gain an EXP boost, that of a Lucky Egg.
Power Ball Pokémon raise one of their stats by one upon capture
Virus Ball Captured pokemon is infected with Pokerus
Hard Ball If it fails, the pokémon flinches
Challenge Ball Less effective than your average Poké Ball
Gamble Ball Has a high catch rate, upon failure the pokémon raises it's stats.
Baby Ball High catch rate on NFE pokemon, baby blue with a pink swirl.
Age Ball Higher catch rate for every 5 leves the pokemon has
Scare Ball High catch rate, if fails, the pokemon is very likely to run away
Snare Ball If it fails, it damages the pokemon
Stock Ball catch rate increases depending on how much money you invest in the ball.
Magnet Ball Works well on electric and steel pokémon
Shiny Ball Works well on Shiny pokémon
Weather Ball catch rate boosted when weather is in play. It catches castform almost everytime.
Ball has gold bottom, white top, with slot reels on the top half. Can only be obtained from casinos, bought with tokens Lucky Ball Ball has built in "slots" that roll whenever thrown. Depending on what you get, ball has various effects No matches - No unique effects, standard poke ball catch rate
3 potions - Ultra Ball catch rate, fully restores pokemon's health if captured
3 poffins - Ultra Ball catch rate, increases pokemon's happiness if caught (more than a love ball)
3 rare candies - Ultra Ball catch rate, increases pokemon's level by 3 if caught
3 *something negative* (Can't think of anything) - Ball will fail, fully restore pokemon's health, buffs all stats by one stage
3 7's - Ball acts as Master Ball