Pokémon Contests are type of competition in which pokémon are not judged by their ability in battle, but their appeal, on wether a pokemon is tougher, cooler, or more beautifull than the other competitors.

Very much like the Gym challenges, Pokémon Contest are part of the Pokémon League, though most contests, and surely the most rewarding ones, are privatized ones.

The Official Pokémon Contest League has two stages, the first is where contestants gain as many Ribbons as possible. Contestants then go into a roaster in a region of their choosing, where they compete over a specific category, also of their choosing. The winners of each category then are moved directly into the National Competition. All other contestants may apply to participate in the National Competition, of which trirty five, or a number equal to those entered in the competition through regional selection, are chosen. This selection is done according to the points the hold, the amount of ribbons each aplicant has divided by the amount of complete years passed since their first ribbon has been won. Some Ribbons are worth more points than others, such as the Dragonhead Ribbon, awarded on a Pokémon Competition held during the Pokemon Elite Four challenge.

The second stage is known as the National Competition, were all contestants compete against each other on a televised event, where there's only one winner, crowned as the National Contest Master.