Naka is PMK's central region. It encompasses the deep and lush Tropian Jungle and Meganwood Forest, home to many rare and mysterious Pokemon. The Insland Reservation is a specially built area for Pokemon Rangers and Researchers, interested in this wonderfull, and mostly unexplored, place.

One of the most known sights, is a series of tower-like natural structures in western Tropian Jungle.

Tropian JungleEdit


Stone Pillars in the Tropian Jungle

The Tropian Jungle is the only Jungle-like area in the whole of PMK, and is mostly known for it's more than 3,000 quartzite sandstone pillars, some of which are over 800 meters in height.

Tropian Jungle's name comes from the Fruit Pokemon's name Tropius, who are abundant in this region.

Meganwood ForestEdit


Meganwood Forest

Meganwood Forest is a deep forest area in Naka. Although it's name might sugest a large number of herb pokémon Meganium, it comes from the fact that such pokemon's breath can revive dead plants and flowers, and the thought that a series of these pokemon might've been responsable of helping outgrow Meganwood forest to it's current state, making it one of the largest forests in the Pokemon World.

Inland ReservationEdit

Bug Gym.