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Kita is the Northern region of the PMK, it is is where Newfound City, the current Capital of the country, was built almost 500 years ago. In the middle of this enormous city, sits the luxurious Dragonhead Palace, current residence of the Elite Four and PMK's Pokemon Champion.

North to the Capital, spawns the massive Deepsand Desert, and South to the Capital the Golden River, which led the first inhabitants of PMK to the place where the old capital was built.

Deepsand DesertEdit

Deepsand is a massive desert area in Kita, formed by Mt.

Deepsand Desert

Sacred and it's nearby mountains blocking rain-carrying clouds from reaching Deepsand Desert. It is an increadibly dry reagion sprawling with sand dunes and storms.

Newfound CityEdit

DragonHead PalaceEdit

Loc Forbidden City

Eastside view of the Dragonhead Palace.

Dragonhead Palace is a luxurious imperial palace located in the middle of Newfound City. For almost 400 years it served as the home to the PMK's emperor and his households, and it now serves as the residence for the Elite Four and the PMK's Pokemon Champion. A competitin is carried out annually inside the Palace for challengers all around the country in order to declare the new PMK's Pokemon Champion.

Dragonhead Palace was built as a symbol of strength when PMK's capital, after the royal familly reclaiming power, moved from it's old location in Everlast City to it's current place in Newfound City.

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Golden River.

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