Waterfront City's new skyline.

Higashi is the eastern region of PMK , and home to growing enterprises and economy. Albeit one of the smallest regions, Higashi hosts the second largest city of PMK, Waterfront City. A large harbour with an increadibly bussy traffic of containers from faraway regions and countries.

Waterfront CityEdit

Waterfront City is the Financial center of PMK, as well as a major fashion and entretainment center. This large metropolis hosts the largest Studium in the whole Pokemon World, The Golden Crown. This stadium hosts daily Pokemon battle competitions, beauty contests and many other types of performances.

Waterfront Citiy's name comes from the skyline of edifices in the city's harbour, which initially made it famouse around the world. This buildings, now old, serve as large storage facilities, and the skyline has been replaced by much larger, and modern ones.

Waterfron City is also the home to the Steel Gym, located atop pokeball tower.

The Golden CrownEdit

The Golden Crown is

The Golden Crown

Three unname Towns

One unnamed location